Sunday, November 25, 2012

End of Season Break Up

Words by Zoe Jaboor
Babing-up the Jan Juc nature reserve. Photo: Nicole Lewis

Friday the 2nd of November marked the Chicks with Stix season break up party and a close to a great season of shredding. While not everyone could make it, I had the honor of hosting some of our coaches and ambassadors down at Jan Juc including the Segal sisters (Anna and Nat), Katya, Nicole, Katie, Tori, Han Studd, Merrin, Anita and Lauren.

Trying to make everyone look at the camera. Photo: Nicole Lewis
Our day started mid-morning with a photo session around some of the stunning locations in Jan Juc. Under the creative direction of super photographer (and Air Traffic Controller – her pretend job) Nicole Lewis, got trigger-happy with the CwS crew. 

Frolicking on the beach at Jan Juc. Photo: Nicole Lewis
Sometimes these little shoots can get a bit awkward but when you have ten hyperactive girls that haven’t caught up in a while it can only lead to heaps of laughs and sore tummy muscles!

Nat and Katey....need we say more
After a quick bite to eat the team headed to the beautiful Surf coast yoga studio for an exclusive yoga session with super duo Jane Vasey and Monica Rude from OmRyder. These girls are absolute geniuses when it comes to yoga and they lead us through an intense flow focusing on all areas specific to skiers and snowboarders. 

Jane and Mon talking to the girls about OmRyder. Photo: Nicole Lewis
OmRyder is a new program created to supplement snow-sports through yoga practices. OmRyder is a new partner of Chicks with Stix, so stay tuned for more info on these impressive ladies and their relationship with Chicks with Stix.

The yoga session started off with a quick introduction, and then 45 minutes of intense flow (under the direction of Jane). It was then followed by some partner yoga, which Mon guided us through. It was awesome to see some of our coaches getting up close and personal with each other in some very strange positions. This session was hands down the best yoga experience I have ever had. Afterwards I just wanted more. Although I pulled up sore over the next few days. 

Mon guiding Anna and Katey through a Downward dog and handstand preparation sequence. Photo: Nicole Lewis
After yoga we moseyed around the gorgeous gardens of Surf coast yoga eating and drinking some special snacks prepared by the OmRyder girls. We had a cleansing juice (of pear, cucumber and coriander) and some active eats (raw-nola, activated almonds and quinoa) from the dehydrator.

Needless to say that we were all buzzing after our yoga session and needed no encouragement to get our gear together and hit the waves. Although the wind was onshore and the swell was messy, we all paddled out at Torquay Point and got a few party waves together!!

Beach + Yoga + Surfing + Food = STOKED. Photo: Nicole Lewis
As you can imagine, after all that activity everybody had managed to work up a huge hunger. Brad fired up the BBQ and we tucked into a big feast of delicious salads, lemon chicken and babaganoush (Han’s grandmothers recipe)!

Have an awesome summer/ winter wherever you are! Photo: Nicole Lewis
Having organized this day for all the girls, I was so happy with the outcome. Everybody made such a huge effort to come and it was an amazing way to finish off a very successful season. It really highlights why Chicks with Stix is so successful. It’s because everybody who participates in the program at all levels has so much passion and love for the sport. We are so lucky to be involved in this industry and have the opportunity to work with each other. I’m really excited to see this program grow each year. With the Olympics just around the corner, 2013 promises to be a huge year! Many of our coaches and ambassadors are aiming to make the team, so stay tuned over summer to see how they go in the Northern hemispheres winter.

Things are only going to get bigger and better from here on in! Take care and have fun! Make sure you keep us updated with your summer/winter adventures!

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