Tuesday, August 31, 2010

chickswithstix: it's here !

chickswithstix: it's here !: "CWS Entry Form PDF"

finally the 'chix only' competition will be held this Saturday ! come along and join our talented coaches and meet some new friends as well...... get a taste of freestyle fun around the beautiful natural features of Chamois ski run and be in the comp for a chance to win some great prizes !

download the entry form or leave us a comment and we will get back to you....see you on the slopes!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

chick of the week

A big part of the Chicks with Stix initiative is to nominate our “Chick of the Week.” The Chick of the Week is a weekly award given out to a TBR (Team Buller Riders) girl who has been exceeding her coach’s expectations. Each week, all of the coaches get together and nominate a girl in their group who has been doing well and pushing their own boundaries.

The coaches fight it out until a winner –“Chick of the Week” - has been chosen.

So far our outstanding Chicks have included:

-Amber Turner who was nominated for her great progression on the trampoline.
- Annabel Stover who is killing it at moguls.
- Alex Write who has stepped up her own limits this year both in the air and on the snow.
- Pip Sparrow for being an all round mad dog and landing her first back flips on snow!
- Claudia Gueli who placed second in the Junior National Mogul Championships.
- Louise Pennington for going big off jumps and doing some sweet 3’s. This girl is one to watch out for!

Chicks with Stix is all about shredding and having fun together, and these girls have been doing both. I get a real buzz out of seeing girls pushing the limits and taking the sport to new places. You never know where it will lead, particularly when you think about how quickly our sport progresses.

and in other news

Zoe has her own blog over on the mountainwatch site...

click on here to read her update and to find out more about how you can become one of the Chicks of the Week !

getting noticed some more

the snow-blind blog loves Chicks with Stix

and we got a few mentions on the site over the past few weeks,  click here to have a look at the Chicks with Stix story - it's all about us !

and here as well as here  and again here for some information on the RipCurl Freeride Pro at Thredbo...more coming soon on that little adventure.....it was definitely a week of highs and lows for the CWS coaches...

sunbeams and skiing

some pics from our second coaching session...held on a gloriously sunny Buller day !

guest coach

Olympian Katya Crema has agreed to be guest coach on the Chicks with Stix program, when her training schedule allows, which is exciting for both athletes and coaches alike....

Katya says that now that "I race skicross, I guess I can classify myself as a freestyler!"

Katya in action, captured by Kit Rundle

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

hi I'm Anna !

Hi, I'm Anna, some call me Spanna, whichever you are most comfortable with! 
I grew up skiing in Mt. Buller. I raced as a kid, then switched to skiing moguls when I was 15. I started competing at international mogul events when I was 16 and had an amazing time traveling and training with the Australian development team. 

After a few years of this, I decided to give free-skiing a try. Free-skiing to me is one of the most fulfilling aspects of my life. You are constantly challenging yourself and achieving things you never thought possible. There is never a dull day as there is always something new to learn. You can be creative, active and inspired all while hanging out with your friends! 

Free-skiing has taken me to all corners of the globe where I have met amazing people from different walks of life. Not to mention the opportunity to ski some epic terrain. 

I hope to meet a whole new crew of friends at the chicks with stix sessions. Can't wait!

a guest blogger

our dear friend Nicole [an ex-Team Xtreme instructor, great skier, ace chick and wife of aussieskier] came along for some fun at one of our coaching sessions....

she had a blast and blogged about it here

Nicole said "the session was incredibly fun and hopefully will be the beginning of lifelong relationships with the mountain and other  passionate chicks, for those that came along".

our sentiments exactly Nic ! hope to see you on Sept 4th for the CWS throwdown on Chamois !

photo session with Joey

photographer Joey Corcoran caught up with our coaches Anna and Nat and got some great pix as well! read Joey's mountainwatch journal here

meanwhile here's a few sneaky pix from the day

trail pixies

trail pixies just love the idea of some girl-power at Buller ! click here for the story

hi I'm Nicole !

Nicole’s my name and couldn’t be more STOKED to be part of the future of chicks skiing!
My history with Mt Buller and skiing is a long one!

It started with Aerials, developed into a bump addiction then grew into what i like to call, REALLY skiing... free skiing. 
Standing atop massive mountains, marvelling how the snow glisten as the sun hits it first thing in the morning, before you push off and sink to your waist in the freshest, lightest, fluffiest snow. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Steeps, trees, chutes and Booter’s; my world of skiing grew from one jump to one bump run to a massive mountain full of incredible runs. 
Skiing endless pow on blue bird days is epic but seeing the girls you have grown up skiing with and coaching succeed, is something else! 
Its well known that girls that train together improve at a greater rate. Girls have the ability to help each other up from the tough falls, offer a hug and have a laugh, and persuade each other to go bigger and try harder. Over the years of coaching with Team Buller, that’s exactly what ‘my’ girls did!

-All Zoe needed was a quick word of encouragement and she could do anything.
-Anna. Anna had it all from day one. Determination you only see from the best.
-Nat always wanted to learn more, to jump bigger, ski bumps faster and always had a smile on her face.
-Katie has natural talent we all would have killed for and an internal drive that saw her hike, focus and achieve swiftly. 

Zoe, Anna, Nat, Katie and I have many things in common, but its our passion and dedication to our sport is what drives us all to create a program to allow girls from every walk of life experience what makes our lives all that more incredible. Skiing.

Come ski with us and get a glimpse into our world’s and see the possibilities are endless!

getting noticed

Chicks with Stix got a great mention in the 'Taking the Piste' blog on Mountainwatch, recently....click here to read up on what they're saying about girls who rock the ski world....

our first session

some happy snaps from our first Chicks with Stix coaching session

hi I'm Nat !

Hey I am Nat.....a keen little bean straight out of Melbourne, I have been skiing since I can remember, it has been an epic 20 years.
Currently, you can find me zooming between Melbourne and Mt Buller, completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts during the week and skiing hard on the weekend. What a life.!

I have grown up skiing around amazing chicks, between the girls I use to race against when I was a grom and the freestyle ladies at Team Buller, there was always chick shredding hard who I could look up to.

As a young one I competed in moguls, I loved the constant challenge. There was always something to work on and perfect. I looked up a lot to the older girls (mainly Anna and Zoe) and my coach Nicole. 
By the time I was a teenager a lot of my time revolved around skiing and I think these girls acted as my role models for me both on and off the slopes. Competing in mogul skiing lead to coaching with the Team Buller Riders, which encouraged me to keep up my skiing and to continue to push my boundaries.

These days I prefer Big Mountain to moguls, fat skis to straight skinny ones, powder instead of icy bumps.........that doesn't mean I won't occasionally try and take my fat skis down icy bumps.
The last 2 Australian summers I have spent my time exploring the French and European Alps, competing in the Freeride World Qualifiers Big Mountain series and adventuring with my skis.

I am super excited to be involved with Chicks with Stix this season, I think having fun friends around you while you shred is the best way to progress and learn.

See you out there !

hi I'm Zoe !

I should start by introducing myself. I’m Zoe Jaboor, a skier based out of Mt Buller.
I have been an athlete and coach for TBR (Team Buller Riders) for 12 years. I started out by competing in moguls and then learnt that bumps really hurt your knees so moved onto free-riding. I have been competing in free-riding events in Australia and North America for 7 years and have been supported by fantastic brands such as Roxy, Armada, Dalbello, Smith and Skullcandy. Now I just love anything about skiing. There’s nothing better than getting out first thing and making your mark on fresh corduroy down the summit, getting lost in fresh snow amongst the trees or just having a fun day a park somewhere ... it’s all fun and it’s what makes us all skiers!

In addition to my work with TBR, I am also a qualified judge in moguls, aerials and half-pipe for Australia. This means that I am often required to travel around the world to various resorts to judge (it’s a tough gig but somebody has to do it!) My years are often filled up with a cycle of seasons between the Southern and the Northern Hemisphere winters. Somewhere in there I love to get out in the surf with my sister at Juc. 

I am super pumped this season as it marks the first year of Chicks with Stix. Along with 4 of my best mates, we get to head up a this new initiative called Chicks with Stix which will be rolled out across Mt Buller encouraging young girls to get into freestyle skiing. Skiing has given each of us so much and we cant see why other girls shouldn’t be giving as much fun as we are. This program will increase the social connection amongst girl skiers and help them reach their potential as skiers!

So if you are interested in taking the next step in your skiing – come along to our freeride sessions.

Hope to see you all there!


welcome !

Chicks with Stix is an awesome new program promoting girls skiing and supporting the chicks that shred around Australia . 

Are you excited ??!! coz we are !!!

We want to get YOU to take up the challenge and get involved in freestyle and competitive skiing - bumps, freeride & big mountain around the hills of Australia & New Zealand.

Girls rule and we think that they deserve to be having as much fun as the boys (maybe more!)  and so we decided that Chicks with Stix is for chicks only - no Toms, Dicks or Harrys here !! 

we aim to infect girls with a passion for our sport because we think it rules and we’re pretty sure you will too!


Chick of the Week

Each week a girl from the TBR program will be selected on the basis of her throwing down!! The chosen ones will be presented with a small prize such as a branded Roxy Chicks with Stix - Chick of the Week t-shirt.

Free Riding Sessions

On three separate Saturdays throughout the season a Chicks with Stix: Free Riding Session will be held at Mt Buller.

The dates are as follows: • July 3rd • July 17th • July 24th

Your lovely TBR chick coaches will meet at Koflers just below the summit at Mt Buller on these days at 3PM. Any girl under 25 is free to attend the session. The session will be based around what we girls do best – having fun!! The sessions will allow chicks the opportunity to ski with some of Australia’s best freeride and mogul skiers in an encouraging, friendly environment – that’s right, girls being girls + loving it!!

The Event

During the 2010 season, Chicks with Stix will be holding an entry level event to allow girls to try their hand at competitive freeride skiing. It will provide chicks with the opportunity to compete against their peers in a friendly and fun environment.

Date: 4th September 2010
Location: The event will be held on the natural features in and around Chamois at Mt Buller – the home of TBR.
Format: The event will take on a freeride event format and will be judged on line-taken, fluidity, execution and aggression. The event will be organised and supported by TBR and judged by TBR coaches.
Prizes: Winning riders in each category can be presented with Roxy gear and all participants can receive a unique Chicks with Stix branded t-shirt.

See you there !