Wednesday, April 6, 2011

SheJumps: Coaching with Boys and Girls Club

Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, SheJumps is a non-profit dedicated to increasing female participation in outdoor activities. Their goal is to mentor, teach, and build a community for women enjoying open air recreation, whether the women are newcomers to outdoors sports or professional athletes.

- Sarah Newhall

This year, SheJumps launched a program in collaboration with the Boys and Girls Club over the month of March. The Boys and Girls Club is a nation-wide program which focuses on inspiring and enabling the youth in the community, especially those who need it most, to become caring and responsible individuals through guidance-oriented adult relationships and engagement in a variety of enriching activities within a safe environment.

I was privileged enough to coach for one of the four Saturdays in March, where the a group from the Boys and Girls Clubs came up to ski with several of the SheJumpers for the day at Alta.

I spent the day skiing with Shanny and Hilary, exploring Alta and teaching them few fun facts about skiing, powder snow and how to get around on the flats.

Shanny working hard to get across the flats

 Hilary working hard at skating

I was so amazed at the girls ability to ski and enjoy everything about it. Hilary skied a little when she was a girl and Shanny had only skied a few days and both of them made great turns and improved super fast. I was so proud of them and so happy to be involved with girls that were passionate about learning.

After skiing all day, the group chilled out and got ready to dig into the massive cookie cake that the Alta Peruvian Lodge had made for Hannah Whitney's birthday.


 some of the kids swapping stories about there mad skiing skills
 dig in!

For more info about SheJumps or The Boys and Girls Club, check out their websites!

Thanks to all the sponsors and volunteers who donated their time and care- it was a really great program to be involved in.