Sunday, September 25, 2011


Hey chicks! almost the end of the ski season ! boo hoo :(

well, that's the bad news. the good news is.....

we have presents!!! 

due to the sad state of the snow cover, our end-of-season throwdown was canned and so, we still have some prizes left over..... and we want to give them away! to YOU! 

[yep - we're pretty nice like that]

first up : a PAIR OF ARAMADA SKIS is going to be sent to one lucky FACEBOOK fan....

here's the deal...we are almost at 600 fans and when we hit 1,000 fans we will give away the skis. all you have to do is encourage as many of your friends as possible to come over and "like" our page. 

IT'S THAT EASY!!! so tell all your friends that by 'liking' CwS they not only keep up with our news, they also get to follow our amazing coaches as we head into the northern winter, AND they also have the chance to win a new pair of skis!


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