Thursday, August 18, 2011

heading north - into NSW

The Chix took to the road for an adventure into NSW,  hitting Thredbo on Friday night and holding our first NSW session for the season. Zoe, Anna and I were joined by locals Karinya Turnbull and Hanna Fisher.

Luckily, we had quite a few coaches on hand because not only were we shredding the mountain with a whole lot of new girls, we had our own media contingent! Photographers, film crews and journalists all tagged along with us and we were feeling a bit like we had the paparazzi on our tails!

beginning of the day

Zoe gets in the swing of it

Anna chats to Reggae Ellis

We had a ton of fun, starting out easy with a bit of free skiing and finishing in the park where everyone really pushed it to the limit. Best part ? every chick went home having tried and succeeded in something new. One lucky chick even went home with a new pair of ARMADA SKIS!

Over the next few weeks we will try to post the stories.... but let us know if you see any media featuring us, please! We had a film crew from Thredbo who are editing a short segment about us, as well as Reggae's new show On The Edge, we had Ben join us from and Steve from brand new site and The Snowy Mountains Newspaper.

We were also joined by Miss Snow It All who was also celebrating a birthday- it was her 21st I think!

- Lorraine

Zoe says :

Wow! It was an awesome day at sunny Thredbo on Saturday where CwS awarded a brand spanking new pair of Armada Cantika skis!! This ski is the perfect all rounder for any chick who loves to shred. Although it is built for all mountain skiing, any lady who rides it will also discover that it loves being in the park!

Amanda, a local instructor for Thredbo won 'Chick of the Day' and will soon fall in love with this ski. It is a great ski for Amanda to perfect her switch skiing, 180's and 360's on.

skis matched her outfit - how awesome is that!

Thanks to all the girls who turned up to support chicks who shred. Congratulations again to Amanda for her brilliant effort on Saturday. We can't wait to catch up with you again next season at Thredbo!

- Zoe


PS: keep an eye out for Zoe this weekend - judging at the National Mogul Championships .... as well as Anna this weekend - presenting at the Slopestyle comp on Saturday night. Come and say "hi"!

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