Tuesday, August 16, 2011

guest coach - KARINYA

Last weekend the Chix team hit Thredbo, with two guest coaches Karinya Turnbull and Hanna Fisher. Here, Karinya gives us her take on the day..............

"On Saturday the Chicks with Stix Team consisting of Zoe, Anna, Hanna and myself (KT) met beneath the sunny skies of Thredbo resort for the first ever Thredbo CwS session. Fifteen girls turned up for a day of freeride and freestyle fun and for my first session as a guest coach after judging last year’s throw down event it was a fantastic way to see how a team of girls can make a difference.

Heading up the Gunbarrel chair we skied across to Merrits where we split up into groups with those girls who wanted to learn 180’s, switch skiing and fast GS turns were able to get some one on one coaching from some of Australia’s top experienced freestylers. After some basics the group progressed through to the parks on High Noon and under the Cruiser chair for some rails, jumps and even some for their very first 360’s!! What an amazing effort!!

Zoe + Karinya give some pointers

We were very lucky to have four coaches there to share their hard learned lessons on park techniques, new jump progression, how to get through that scary first step of spinning and even a few awesome demonstrations.

at front : Karinya, Zoe, Hannah, Anna

We finished off the day awarding our Chick of the Day, which went to Amanda who was ecstatic to receive a pair of brand new Armada skis to help her progress her 360’s in the park. Bianca, a seasonal local won most improved and a Chicks with Stix T-shirt with her first 180 and 360s attempt and finally Kit also walked away with a CwS T-shirt for her positive attitude and determination.

All of us had successful day and CwS would like to thank Thredbo for their efforts publicizing the event, supporting the program and being an all round fantastic program partner.

From all of us at CwS in Thredbo we look forward to seeing you all next year!!"

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