Wednesday, June 22, 2011

sponsor lovin'

we are totally stoked to be able to bring 'chicks with stix' to the slopes this season and more importantly, to be able to offer it to all you chicks out there for FREE !

we couldn't do it without the input of some pretty amazing people.... so today we're going to create a great big love bubble and tell you all THANKS !

pic: DANI

everyone that works on CwS gives freely of their time and their ideas and it's so much fun to watch our little movement become a bigger and bigger movement !

Carly from Soderstrom Creative designed our logo and our poster and some new postcards that we're getting printed real soon - she's amazingly talented!

Lucy and Antonia at Roxy happily supply all our tees and hoodies (our logo printed on prime ROXY clothing) The chix at Shafted Ski Poles are giving us some cool stuff for giveaways.... And Armada Skis came to the party in a BIG WAY with prizes and a sponsorship !

Andrea, the physio from the Mt Buller Gym is taking yoga classes for us after the shred sessions. Chris at Koflers (aka Kofler Hutte) lets us call her deck home and lets us stay there after hours eating hotdogs and donuts! (and yes its true the hotdog has its own FB page)

A few weeks ago Hannah Studd said "hey why dont we do a snowboard session at Hotham" so we are ! And now someone else says theyre going to do the same for Buller ! (watch this space)

Miss Snow It All gives us so many plugs over at The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald and we keep saying "thanks" but its not enough so she's getting some chicks merchandise in the post real soon.....along with Tess Cook at mountainwatch who is cheering us on and planning some crazy good chix ideas as well....

aussieskier even has a missus who thinks we're pretty swell and decided to blog about us.....(this year one of our sessions is on her birthday - so cake could be the order of the day - PINK CAKE!)

Everyone we ask a favour of says YES - well except the printer guy round the corner who refused to print the posters for free :( BUT lucky us....... that's where Mark Adams Real Estate comes in - a truly enlightened male who thinks that Chicks with Stix ROCKS ! he's printing our posters for us, so next time youre thinking of buying a ski lodge .... you know who to call !! thanks Mark :)

then there's Gina at Hotham; Susie at Thredbo; Tina at Perisher; Rhylla at Buller and Guy + Leona at Baw Baw...... are you starting to see a pattern here !?  yep - powered by a hefty dose of girl power !

Beyonce must have been thinking of us !

So thanks to the chix who are supporting us and the enlightened guys - Mark, Richard, Guy and Andreas, along with Patto from TBR the home of Chicks with Stix and the start of all good things and Michael Kennedy from SSA (ski + snowboard australia) who said "go for it"!

we did !

roll on ski season 2011 !!! xxx

big love as well to Nicole, Katie Anna, Nat, Katya..... and the men in our lives who get it !

from Zoe + Lorraine


  1. We love the program at Mt Buller and are stoked to see such strong and positive Chicks getting out there and sharing their passion and skills with the new skiers of the future. Long may they reign. Looking forward to popping by Koflers on Saturday and seeing you all x

  2. thanks ! look forward to a catch up as well ! x

  3. that just made my afternoon :)

  4. ha ! great Nat..... is that because you realised how many amazing people are surrounding us ?