Sunday, June 26, 2011

Simply the best. Mt Buller CWS session #1

Simply the best was the song that Zoe Jaboor and myself were belting out all weekend after a proud and loud 80s Power Ballads session driving up to Mt Buller on Friday night.

tina turner rocking out

I personally feel that it was a great theme song for the first 2011 CWS freeride session, as it was simply the best, and Zoe definitely should have requested it on 93.7 Star FM during her Friday morning interview!

'Simply the best' is a big call but it was a big day, so let's give it the kudos it deserves.

First of all there were the Chicks with Stix Ambassadors, who lead and photographed the session, made sure there was adequate musical entertainment on the chairlifts and, in the case of Lorraine Lock (our PR manager), skied switch for the first time. You'll find that Nicole Lewis doesn't feature much in our photos, that's because she was taking them- yeah Lady!

Chicks with Stix Ambassadors: Lorraine Lock, Nicole Lewis, Nat Segal & Zoe Jaboor

Then there were the Chicks. We had all kind of chicks who came to meet us at Koflers at 1:30pm on Saturday afternoon. Tall chicks, small chicks, chicks who'd been on skis since the age of 2 and other chicks who had just celebrated their 7th weekend on snow. We also had one or two chicks who drove all the way from Melbourne just for the day to come and shred with us!

Nikki, works on the mountain and shreds for fun, killing it!

Follwing a little introduction, Zoe lead us to Little Buller Spur where we started by warming up our legs after a summer of snow deprivation.

Zoe getting started with intros.

skating to LBS

As always, our focus was skiing, fun, chats on the chairlift and getting creative. As it was the first day back for a lot of the ladies we spent the afternoon playing on our skis down Wombat, jumping, slashing and getting our switch skiing on.

Hannah, nice and steezy on Little Buller Spur

Nat Segal, talking about life in general, most likely serenading the group

Steph getting her edge on!


zoe getting low

After the shred session, we headed down to the Mt Buller Community Center and treated ourselves to some yoga, hosted for free by CwS with the support of the Alpine Institute and lululemon athletica.

It was a wicked day, Chicks with Stix were so stoked to have so many enthusiastic young things turn up to support girls freeskiing. With 7 more events to come this winter, it's going to be a fun season! Thanks to all the ladies for coming to shred and all the supporters of Chicks with Stix for making days like this happen. There was a huge Power Ballads session on Saturday night to celebrate. More photos can be found on our facebook page!

YUM! dim sims after a big shred session....... Yeah Koflers!

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