Thursday, February 3, 2011

Anna at the World Championships

so today was day one of the FIS Freestyle World Skiing Championships [#FFWSC11 is the hashtag for those of you on twitter] and our very own Anna Segal has made it through qualifiers and into the finals!

we are so proud of's a tough field out there with the absolute best of the best "slopestylers" in the world throwing it down!

this morning was a very brisk minus 18 and the event was delayed by about an hour.... the temps made the snow a little sticky and the course a little too slow which is kinda dangerous... these competitors need to go fast and get high !

Anna is on tomorrow (Thursday) at 9:30 am. thats 3:30 am Friday morning in Australia. so say a little prayer before bed tonight gang....

pix: Andrew Clarke 

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