Monday, January 31, 2011

ZOE in Japan

Zoe is skiing in Niseko Japan right now, where it has been dumping powder for days.  She dropped a line to CwS overnight........

"Well I'm exhausted. You know that deep burn that you get after a hard day skiing waist deep powder in the trees? Well times that by two .... and its still snowing.

They have cleared the snow from our drive three times today and it still feels like a mission to get out! It is day 4 here in Niseko, Japan, and the experience has already lived up to it's name and associated expectations.

I am skiing with the crew at The Camp and we have already had three days powder and one day cruising the park and three resorts around the area. Unfortunately i dont have any photos to prove my ramblings but you can hardly be bothered to bring out the gear when there is so much powder to be had. Promise I will do my best to get some up soon.

Have fun wherever you are in the world!"

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