Tuesday, August 24, 2010

welcome !

Chicks with Stix is an awesome new program promoting girls skiing and supporting the chicks that shred around Australia . 

Are you excited ??!! coz we are !!!

We want to get YOU to take up the challenge and get involved in freestyle and competitive skiing - bumps, freeride & big mountain around the hills of Australia & New Zealand.

Girls rule and we think that they deserve to be having as much fun as the boys (maybe more!)  and so we decided that Chicks with Stix is for chicks only - no Toms, Dicks or Harrys here !! 

we aim to infect girls with a passion for our sport because we think it rules and we’re pretty sure you will too!


Chick of the Week

Each week a girl from the TBR program will be selected on the basis of her throwing down!! The chosen ones will be presented with a small prize such as a branded Roxy Chicks with Stix - Chick of the Week t-shirt.

Free Riding Sessions

On three separate Saturdays throughout the season a Chicks with Stix: Free Riding Session will be held at Mt Buller.

The dates are as follows: • July 3rd • July 17th • July 24th

Your lovely TBR chick coaches will meet at Koflers just below the summit at Mt Buller on these days at 3PM. Any girl under 25 is free to attend the session. The session will be based around what we girls do best – having fun!! The sessions will allow chicks the opportunity to ski with some of Australia’s best freeride and mogul skiers in an encouraging, friendly environment – that’s right, girls being girls + loving it!!

The Event

During the 2010 season, Chicks with Stix will be holding an entry level event to allow girls to try their hand at competitive freeride skiing. It will provide chicks with the opportunity to compete against their peers in a friendly and fun environment.

Date: 4th September 2010
Location: The event will be held on the natural features in and around Chamois at Mt Buller – the home of TBR.
Format: The event will take on a freeride event format and will be judged on line-taken, fluidity, execution and aggression. The event will be organised and supported by TBR and judged by TBR coaches.
Prizes: Winning riders in each category can be presented with Roxy gear and all participants can receive a unique Chicks with Stix branded t-shirt.

See you there !

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