Tuesday, August 24, 2010

hi I'm Nat !

Hey I am Nat.....a keen little bean straight out of Melbourne, I have been skiing since I can remember, it has been an epic 20 years.
Currently, you can find me zooming between Melbourne and Mt Buller, completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts during the week and skiing hard on the weekend. What a life.!

I have grown up skiing around amazing chicks, between the girls I use to race against when I was a grom and the freestyle ladies at Team Buller, there was always chick shredding hard who I could look up to.

As a young one I competed in moguls, I loved the constant challenge. There was always something to work on and perfect. I looked up a lot to the older girls (mainly Anna and Zoe) and my coach Nicole. 
By the time I was a teenager a lot of my time revolved around skiing and I think these girls acted as my role models for me both on and off the slopes. Competing in mogul skiing lead to coaching with the Team Buller Riders, which encouraged me to keep up my skiing and to continue to push my boundaries.

These days I prefer Big Mountain to moguls, fat skis to straight skinny ones, powder instead of icy bumps.........that doesn't mean I won't occasionally try and take my fat skis down icy bumps.
The last 2 Australian summers I have spent my time exploring the French and European Alps, competing in the Freeride World Qualifiers Big Mountain series and adventuring with my skis.

I am super excited to be involved with Chicks with Stix this season, I think having fun friends around you while you shred is the best way to progress and learn.

See you out there !

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