Friday, April 12, 2013

Winter recap with Britt Cox

Britt charging down the moguls, photo: Kirk Paulsen
One of the best things about my northern season just gone is that I got to do LOTS of skiing. This was the longest season I have ever had, starting on snow in Ruka, Finland in late November and skiing all the way through until mid March. I also got to see some new places and ski a few new mogul courses, which is always exciting. One of those courses happened to be the site of next year's Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. In early Feb there was a test event in Sochi, which was a World Cup event. It was great to compete on the course and get a bit of a feel of what it might be like next year. However it's good to remember that things might change. From my experience I know that anything could happen and the course could ski up completely different with varying snow/weather conditions come February next year.

Big backie-cross, photo: Kirk Paulsen
My best result this season was in Lake Placid, USA where I achieved my second World Cup podium (3rd). Lake Placid has been a bit of a nemesis course for me in the past so it felt particularly good to ski well there and flip that around. I also competed in the World Champs at Norway where I achieved a 10th place in the Single Moguls and 8th in the Duals.

Grinning in 3rd Place, photo: Kirk Paulsen
This whole season has been absolutely incredible for the Aussies in winter sport across the board and I think its generating some great energy and a positive vibe for everyone. I feel really inspired by everyone’s achievements.

Since I have been home I’ve enjoyed some sun and surf and I’m now back into training at the AIS in Canberra. Not long now and we’ll all be on snow here in Aus….can’t wait!

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