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Coach Profile: Zoe Jaboor

The one and only Zoe Jaboor- she is definitely thinking about snow.....
This is a bit of a special profile because not only is Zoe Jaboor the head coach of CwS, she is also the inspiration behind the program. In 2010, Zoe with the help of different awesome people in the ski community got the CwS program off the ground. Since the first year, Zoe and Lorraine (our incredible PR manager) have worked tirelessly to turn Chicks with Stix in to a multi-mountain, multi-day program that encourages girls to kick some ass.

Zoe and Lorraine
I first met Zoe, also known by many alias' such as Jibizzle, when I was 13. I was fresh out of race club, wearing my mum's ski parka and lost at the freestyle camp I had followed my older sister to in Silverstar, BC. Since meeting Zoe, I've watched her stomp her first backy,  slide rails I could never fathom, coach kidlets and take podiums all over the place. Zoe was one of the few girls in TBR when I was a kids, one of the coaches who nurtured me during my first year coaching at TBR (her and Nicole were my saviors) and always there to support me in my skiing adventures.

Getting her urban-on in Silverstar, BC

Knows how to mute grab
This chick is many things but the one thing that has always stood out to me is her persistence and hard work. Zoe has been so inspirational to me and many other girls over the last few years. It makes me beyond stoked that she has found such a fun way of influencing so many other chicks in the Australian snow community.

Here's the story from her....
- Nat Segal

Zoe disaster onto a box at Park City
Let me introduce myself. I’m Zoe Jaboor, a skier based out of Mt Buller. I have been an athlete and coach for TBR (Team Buller Riders) for 12 years. I started out competing in moguls and then learnt that bumps really hurt your knees so moved onto free-riding. I have been competing in free-riding events in Australia and North America for 7 years and have been supported by fantastic brands such as Roxy, Armada, Dalbello, Smith and Skullcandy.  

Hiking for her turns in Mammoth, CA
Now I just love anything about skiing. There’s nothing better than getting out first thing and making your mark on fresh corduroy down the summit, getting lost in fresh snow amongst the trees or just having a fun day a park somewhere, it’s all fun and it’s what makes us all skiers!  In addition to my work with TBR, I am also a qualified judge in moguls, aerials and half-pipe for Australia. This means that I am often required to travel around the world to various resorts to judge (it’s a tough gig but somebody has to do it!) My years are often filled up with a cycle of seasons between the Southern and the Northern Hemisphere winters. Somewhere in there I love to get out in the surf with my sister at Jan Juc. 

Zoe and our designer Carly at CwS Mt Buller last weekend
I am super pumped and this season as it marks the third year of Chicks with Stix. Along with my good mates, we get to head up a this initiative called Chicks with Stix which will be rolled out across the Australian Alps, encouraging young girls to get into freestyle skiing. Skiing has given each of us so much and we can't see why other girls shouldn’t be giving as much fun as we are. This program will increase the social connection amongst girl skiers and help them reach their potential as skiers!

So if you are interested in taking the next step in your skiing – come along to our freeride sessions. 

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