Sunday, July 1, 2012

Coach Profile: Nicole Lewis

Mogul crusher
Home resort: Mt Buller
Riding since: 2.5 yrs old

Favourite memory in the snow: An August wednesday on hogs back in 2000 and an August Thursday skiing Hogs back with Casey in 2010
Best achievement in the snow: Surviving!
Favourite resort: Mt Buller/ Chugach Mounatains, AK

Stoked to be in the mountains
Nicole’s my name and couldn’t be more STOKED to be part of the future of chicks skiing! My history with Mt Buller and skiing is a long one! It started with Aerials, developed into a bump addiction then grew into what I like to call, REALLY skiing... free skiing.

Standing atop massive mountains, marvelling how the snow glisten as the sun hits it first thing in the morning, before you push off and sink to your waist in the freshest, lightest, fluffiest snow. Its doesn’t get much better than that! Steeps, trees, chutes and Booter’s; my world of skiing grew from one jump to one bump run to a massive mountain full of incredible runs. 

Nicole- can ski
Skiing endless pow on blue bird days is epic but seeing the girls you have grown up skiing with and coaching succeed, is something else! Its well known that girls that train together improve at a greater rate. Girls have the ability to help each other up from the tough falls, offer a hug and have a laugh, and persuade each other to go bigger and try harder. Over the years of coaching with Team Buller, that’s exactly what ‘my’ girls did!

In her spare time Nicole helps to build bumps courses and has been responsible for more than one Abom Mogul Challenge course!

Zoe, Anna, Nat, Katie and I have many things in common, but its our passion and dedication to our sport is what drives us all to create a program to allow girls from every walk of life experience what makes our lives all that more incredible. Skiing.

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