Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Summer Days

Hi Chicks,

Sorry the blog posts have been a bit sparse in recent times. The CwS crew are everywhere at the moment! We have Nat in Utah working and training and ripping up all things gnarly. Anna in Colorardo hitting up the parks. Katya in Switzerland waiting for good weather so they can get back to training. Katie just arriving in the US, ready to shred some bumps. And Lorraine, Nicole, Han, Karinya and I left back in Aus to enjoy a Christmas at home.

Unfortunately my season plans changed at the last minute after having some bad news. My sister, Anita, was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia. Neat is a snowboarder and big supporter of CwS. She was scheduled to coach at Hotham last Aussie winter but the surf was too good on the Gold Coast so she headed North instead!

Anita had a cold that she couldn’t shake and was diagnosed by her GP one day and started chemo 2 days later. Since then it has been a whirlwind of hospitals, and tests, and transfusions, and chemo. BUT one thing has not changed through this entire journey. Her strong will and positive frame of mind. From day 1 Neat has remained positive and strong. People around her gain strength from her positivity.

With Neat in and out of hospital, I decided not to go on the Skiers Junction camp. I left this coaching role in the very capable hands of my good friend and ski buddy Lachy Clark. Lachy is an incredible skier and a great coach. I know he will do a killer job over in Colorado with the Skiers Junction crew. Also Anna is on the cards for some guest coaching so stay tuned.

All of the CwS crew have been massively supportive of Neat through this situation. Ali, Nat, Anna, Nicole and Han you have been amazing friends and our whole family is so appreciative.

This is a picture of me after shaving my head for solidarity 

I wish everybody a very merry Christmas!! If you are somewhere in the snow, please make sure you take a few runs for those of us back in Aus!!

Best Wishes,Zoe

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