Tuesday, July 26, 2011

chix back at buller

all smiles

Our 4th Chicks with Stix session was held at Mt Buller on Saturday, on a beautiful blue bird Buller day with plenty of ski-able terrain waiting for us!

Our session started at 1.30 with Katya, Katie and I meeting 10 chicks. We started by hitting up Summit Slide with a few big turns led by Katya. Once our legs were well and truely warmed up we took some fast ones down to Howqua and then ended in the Koflers terrain park, where we picked up another 10 or so chicks to make a group of 20 - this was the opportunity for some chicks to try their first straight airs, 180's and 360's.


We finished up our day in Koflers with some awards. Tayla got the Dragon goggles for putting down some solid 180's and Louise got scored the shafted ski poles for her awesome attitude. Both of these girls were charging all session and throwing down in the park.

At CwS we love to see girls who charge and continually push their boundaries to achieve a goal. For Tayla it was 180's and for Louise it was 360's. I cant wait to see what the future holds for these two girls ....awesome work Tayla and Louise!!

ZOE :)


all pix courtesy Mt Buller

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