Tuesday, June 21, 2011


we love the new 2011 tees from ROXY !!! and you will too.......

come to the CwS sessions across the Australian Alps this season and buy a t-shirt to remember the fun times and rock the Chix message!.........

or drop us a line via facebook / email and we can express post a t-shirt out to you.....

these tees are at CwS headquarters right now, but they're just itching to hit the slopes this season !

aren't we ALL ??!!! 
its no fun living in a box......so come on.......free the tees !


  1. This is the best gift for my girlfriend. Where can I get one?
    afl store

  2. you can email us at chickswithstixskiing@gmail.com or come visit our fb page and leave your email address :)