Friday, June 17, 2011

Hannah @ Hotham

If you have been paying attention, you may have noticed that Hotham local Hannah Studd is a new addition to the CwS coaching team.

A few people have scratched their heads and asked "huh? what's going on?" .... while some smarty-pants even figured it out (you know who you are).

So now we're really pleased to confirm that YES! the Chicks with Stix session at Hotham, on Saturday July16,  will have a snowboard component led by local shredster and all-round rad chick Hannah Studd!

If you already hang at the slopes of Hotham you would have seen Hannah shredding Mary's or hiking in the back bowls - she's pretty impressive, so kinda hard to miss.......

Hotham is our first 'away game' for the season and Hannah is our first snowboard coach, so there's a lot of firsts coming our way and we couldn't be more stoked !

So, get in line ! drop us a note at and let us know if you want to hang with Hannah at Hotham!..........

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