Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Zoe in CHINA

a big hello from Zoe who has just returned from an exciting trip to China....

"I have just spent 10 days in China judging a World Cup aerial and mogul event, at a resort called Beida Lake which is about 1000km NE of Beijing.

It only took a 12 hr flight then a 2 hr connecting flight, followed by a 3 hr car trip to get there ! I travelled through cities and country-side on both sealed and unsealed roads ... it was quite the experience.

The place is amazing and full of surprises...... It felt like I was in the middle of nowhere and then all of a sudden I was at the base of a ski resort with some serious steeps looking down at me. Beida Lake is currently being developed in the hope that it will be the home of many more World Cups to come.

My experience of skiing in Central Asia was pretty incredible. Although I didnt get to ski a lot due to judging, I did enjoy some very dry knee deep powder - after it had been sitting there for 7 days untouched!

Both the aerial and mogul events went very well and I really enjoyed judging them. It was my first World Cup and I was part of a panel consisting of judges from China, Japan, USA, Canada, Germany, Italy and Switzerland. It has definitely made me more eager to explore what this part of the World has to offer skiers!"

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