Monday, January 24, 2011

Nat Segal: Powder-hunting at Snowbird, Utah.

Looking up the Snowbird tram tracks into a foggy, powdery day.

It has nearly been a month since I touched down into LA airport on Christmas Day, all that was on    my mind- other than making my connecting flight- was the epic chest deep, weightless powder, for which Utah is renowned.

It has been a rocky, icy and at time crusty journey since Christmas. Somehow I managed to miss all major storms blowing through Colorado and Utah. When I first arrived in Salt Lake City, all I heard about was the 5ft powder day the week before.  But all I saw was crust.

hanging out at the Snowbird tram deck

Despite my powder disappointment, Snowbird still managed to take my breath away. Steep lines,   easy access and so much to explore.

The terrain is definitely different from the European slopes I have become accustomed  to ...nevertheless, I am up most mornings for the 8am bus to ski whatever the weather throws at me. Finally, it was powder. It wasn't chest deep. But it was smooth, creamy and reminded me of chocolate mousse. Yum.

Wasatch mountains in Little Cottonwood Canyon 

One thing I have learnt from the last few weeks is that skiing can be fun despite the conditions, even   when you are skiing on sheet ice all day.... and no matter how "good or bad a situation is, it will change." Regina Brett.

A beautiful day full of not so beautiful sheet ice.

It is the only the beginning of January, so there is heaps more snow to be had. Next stop is Aspen for the week to watch Anna shred the park at X- Games and then back to Utah for more powder and freeskiing! YEAH WINTER.

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