Thursday, August 26, 2010

chick of the week

A big part of the Chicks with Stix initiative is to nominate our “Chick of the Week.” The Chick of the Week is a weekly award given out to a TBR (Team Buller Riders) girl who has been exceeding her coach’s expectations. Each week, all of the coaches get together and nominate a girl in their group who has been doing well and pushing their own boundaries.

The coaches fight it out until a winner –“Chick of the Week” - has been chosen.

So far our outstanding Chicks have included:

-Amber Turner who was nominated for her great progression on the trampoline.
- Annabel Stover who is killing it at moguls.
- Alex Write who has stepped up her own limits this year both in the air and on the snow.
- Pip Sparrow for being an all round mad dog and landing her first back flips on snow!
- Claudia Gueli who placed second in the Junior National Mogul Championships.
- Louise Pennington for going big off jumps and doing some sweet 3’s. This girl is one to watch out for!

Chicks with Stix is all about shredding and having fun together, and these girls have been doing both. I get a real buzz out of seeing girls pushing the limits and taking the sport to new places. You never know where it will lead, particularly when you think about how quickly our sport progresses.

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